Calm Coloring
Become an artist, start creating
Calm Coloring is an easy-to-use, but advanced coloring app. Select a picture and start creating, it's that simple. Forget about stress, reveal your creative potential.
Calm Coloring was tailored for the best coloring experience - fascinating gallery of various coloring pages, handy and simple set of instruments, 40x zoom, smooth animations and great performance.
It's easy but powerful
Free download
The app comes free with plenty of free coloring pages of different categories
High Quality Content
Color portraits, animals, patterns, mandalas and much more. Regular updates and new categories for you!
Huge Opportunities
Use solid colors or beautiful gradients, color small zones with powerful 40x zoom, share your artwork with your friends or save it to your phone!
Bring life to black and white lines with bright colors and your beautiful smiles!
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Available for iOS 11 and above
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